The Cultivation of The Consulting Group

We are excited to have added a number of new members to the team, enhancing our ability to provide tree management planning, tree preservation planning, urban forest management planning, tree appraisal, and other arboricultural consulting services to clients in selected locations across the county.

Though we live and work in different areas of the country, we work as one unit. Our geographically distributed team participates in monthly calls where we share best practices and expertise on feature topics. All generated reports are subject to peer review, allowing all clients to leverage the expertise not just of their own Consulting Arborist but of the entire Consulting Group team. We operated in this model long before the pandemic, which prepared us well to continue functioning through it using tools that others had to learn to operate with as COVID unfolded.


Our members and their locations:

Massachusetts: Tom Miles

New York, Long Island, and Connecticut: Matt Weibel

Pennsylvania and New Jersey: Ryan Metz

Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia: Daniel Bunner

Georgia: Rick Barnes

Michigan: Kay Sicheneder

Illinois: JP McDonnell

Texas: Micah Pace

Colorado: Steve Geist

Northern California (Arborwell): Leo Tuchman

Pacific Northwest: Peter Van Oss


Please feel free to reach out to your SavATree Consulting Arborist if we can be of assistance to you! Our growth has greatly improved our ability to serve our commercial clients in new geographies and with new services. You can learn about the group and services we provide at:


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