SavATree – We care for what you love

At SavATree, we understand the importance of creating a safe, beautiful and healthy landscape. That’s why we are committed to helping you maintain one of your most valuable assets – your outdoor haven.

Your landscape deserves a higher level of care, and we have an expert for that. A professional arborist will work closely with you to assess your property’s needs and recommend a program that will be consistent with your landscape goals and the unique combination of species on your property.

Trees and Shrubs – The Heart of a Landscape

Healthy and vibrant trees and shrubs are the cornerstones of a thriving landscape. Our expert ISA Certified Arborists are trained to care for them while using the highest safety standards and best practices. Our services include pruning and removals, insect and disease treatments, and deep root fertilization.

Lawn – The Ultimate Welcome Mat

We want you to love your lawn. A beautiful, healthy lawn doesn’t happen by accident. It requires planning and special care to help it thrive. Rely on our carefully timed applications and expert solutions for a lush, green lawn. Whether it’s seeding, core aeration, weed control, soil amendments, disease treatments or fertilization, we’ve got you covered. We also offer organic, traditional and hybrid lawn care programs.

Deer Deterrent Programs – Outsmart Hungry Deer

You can still enjoy the beauty of deer on your property, without sacrificing your plants. Our DeerTech specialists will evaluate deer pressure and recommend an effective deer control plan. Regular visits are made to your property to monitor deer activity and make necessary adjustments to protect your plantings. We offer ultrasonic sound units along with seasonal or year-round repellent treatments.

Tick and Mosquito Mitigation – Protect your Family and Pets

The best way to protect your family and pets from ticks and mosquitoes and the harmful diseases they may carry is to tackle the tick and mosquito populations on your property with our effective treatments. We even offer organic options!