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SavATree - Tree Service & Lawn Care

SavATree has a passion for tree and shrub care that promotes and protects environmental integrity. Our certified arborists understand the intricate relationships between plants, people, and wildlife, and the impact every individual property has on the community at large.

That’s why SavATree’s organic program uses exclusive ingredients reviewed by the Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI) under the same standards as the production of organic foods. We’ll recommend the products and treatment calendar for your landscape’s specific needs.

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SavATree Tree Services & Lawn Care

Organic Soil Treatments

A tree’s health is built, literally, from the ground up. Healthy soil gives trees and shrubs ready access to the nutrients, air, and water they require to survive. Unhealthy soil can cause discolored leaves, weak branches, and stunted growth. Organic treatments, when carefully chosen and strategically applied, will give root systems what they need to support healthy stems and foliage.

  • Organic Soil Enhancer. This treatment incorporates carbon-rich liquid organic matter designed to rebuild the organic profile of your soil. Resulting benefits include better water-holding capacity, improved nutrient retention and availability, increased beneficial microbial activity, and better soil structure.
  • ARBORKELP®. Our organic sea kelp-based biostimulant promotes healthy root growth, and helps trees and shrubs resist the damaging effects of heat, cold, disease, and insects.

Organic Insect Management

Our tree insect management philosophy is to use low impact methods and ingredients to minimize populations of pest insects while preserving beneficial insects.

  • PredaLure This is a revolutionary, scientifically-based natural product that reduces the population of destructive pests invading your trees and shrubs by attracting beneficial, pest-fighting, insects to your property. Bioresearch has shown that when plants are threatened by destructive insects, they emit chemicals that signal a warning to neighboring plants. The scent of those chemicals attracts to the plant the insect predators of the damaging insects or mites. PredaLure artificially imitates these chemical signals, drawing the beneficial insect to the plant, thereby controlling enemy pests.
  • Mosquito and Tick Treatment These natural repellent treatments are performed when mosquito and tick populations exceed threshold tolerances.

Choosing and Planting Wisely

A favorite motto at SavATree is “right plant, right place.” That’s because an important aspect of maintaining a healthy, attractive, and environmentally-responsible landscape is populating it with plants that are well-suited to their location and thus will thrive with a minimum of intervention.

We are proponents of native trees and shrubs. They have natural resistance to common pests and diseases in your area, while they help sustain native insects and, in turn, the birds and wildlife who eat them. So when it comes time to add or replace plants on your property, your SavaTree arborist can recommend the native species that will give you the characteristics you desire and will thrive in your location and property conditions.

Organic Treatments for Fruit Trees

This series of treatments is designed to reduce the incidence of insects and diseases that attack susceptible fruit trees, resulting in better quality fruit. It should be noted that available organic control measures for these pathogens is not yet at the level of a traditional program, so the property owner has to be willing to accept comparatively lower fruit quality.

Rescue Treatments

Generally, a property that is in reasonably good health will receive the most benefit from a completely organic program. But some trees and shrubs may be showing signs of significant stress resulting from depleted nutrients, insects, or disease.

Our hybrid strategy allows us to quickly remedy those specific problems with a “rescue treatment” while still respecting your goal of remaining environmentally sensitive. Once the acute problem is addressed, an organic program is then positioned to create and maintain a healthy landscape.

To learn more about your organic options, set up a complimentary consult with one of our certified arborists. Contact the office nearest you.