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4.6 (5,198 reviews)
5 Stars Review Rating
The advice was carefully explained. No pressure. Several options given to save money or have them do the work. The arborist who came out was on time and had a wealth of knowledge.
Joseph D. Joseph D.
5 Stars Review Rating
They are the most courteous company I’ve dealt with. Very reliable. They always know how to properly treat the problem first time round.
Barbara S. Barbara S.
5 Stars Review Rating
The arborist was exceptional. She was not only professional, but explained in great detail what needed to be done, in a simple direct manner.
Nellie S. Nellie S.
5 Stars Review Rating
SavATree have been managing the health and appearance of my trees for longer than I can remember. Very easy to work with. I rely completely on their advice and recommendations.
Cecelia C. Cecelia C.
5 Stars Review Rating
Removed a diseased tree which was approximately 100 feet tall. Cleaned up beautifully. All plants surrounding were left in excellent condition. Nothing was damaged.
Robin A. Robin A.
5 Stars Review Rating
The arborists, tree and turf teams are always knowledgeable, professional and punctual. The quality of service is second to none.
Scott M. Scott M.
5 Stars Review Rating
No fuss, no mess. I should have had this done years ago. SavATree is an excellent example of how things should be done. Exceeded expectations in every way.
Jeff G. Jeff G.
5 Stars Review Rating
We had significant storm damage to our 75yo locust tree this summer. SavATree expertly triaged and re-shaped. It's filling back in nicely and looks very healthy. They are artists!
Phil G. Phil G.
5 Stars Review Rating
Our entire HOA uses SavATree for lawn fertilization. After only one season, they have our lawns looking great.They listen closely to customer needs and are very responsive.
Ron L. Ron L.
female lawn specialist seeding

SavATree Customized Lawn Fertilization: The Foundation of a Sustainably Healthy Lawn

Lawn fertilization is essential for establishing and maintaining strong roots, thick grass, and a healthy, green lawn. High quality fertilizers enhance the natural fertility of the soil, and replace the nutrients that have been depleted over the years. That’s why the foundation of every SavATree Lawn Care Program is the consistent, well-timed application of custom-blended nutrients that nourishes your grass by feeding the soil it grows in.

Turfgrass requires a minimum of 16 nutrients for normal growth and development. The exact amount needed will vary by the grass types, soil condition, and climate. Your SavATree arborist and lawn specialist will assess your turf – through laboratory soil tests and a visual inspection of your property — and recommend the optimal feeding regimen for the unique needs of your lawn or commercial landscape.

Regular fertilization will also improve your turf’s resistance to pests and disease by strengthening its tolerance to stress. [Note: Your arborist will recommend specialized treatments when needed to remedy issues that may arise with pests (insect and grub worm), diseases, and weeds (such as crabgrass, buckhorn, and dandelions.) [See our Lawn Care page for a list of these enhancement services.]

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Fertilization in Spring, Summer, and Fall Ensures Lasting Results

A professional fertilization program will adjust the fertilizer blend, and the timing of its application, to seasonal growing conditions as well as to the needs of your lawn.

The SavATree lawn fertilization program involves a series of applications that begin in spring. As the warmer months approach, we adjust our blends to help maintain a healthy, lush, green lawn. While spring and summer applications strengthen the growing grass plants, late-season applications provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs to develop a strong root system that will keep it healthy throughout the winter months. This results in dense turf with color that lasts long into the spring.

Which Fertilization Regimen is Right for Your Lawn?

Our SavATree arborists will recommend a Lawn Care Program that includes a fertilization plan that’s the perfect fit for your lawn’s needs and your priorities: You can select among the following Lawn Care Programs:


  • Organic Lawn Care. We offer an effective, multi-pronged organic lawn care program to help cultivate a lush, green lawn in the most environmentally responsible way. Our organic program uses ingredients reviewed by the Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI) under the same standards as the production of organic foods. Our treatments consist of organic fertilizers and biostimulants that strengthen roots, and provide carbohydrates and nutrients to help build a thicker, greener lawn. [Learn more about our Organic Lawn Care services.]


  • Integrated Lawn Care. Our popular Integrated Lawn Care Program combines fertilizing with targeted weed control treatments. Our lawn specialists will feed your soil with specially formulated balanced nutrients, minerals, and slow-release fertilizers tailored to your specific turf conditions. Strategically timed weed-control applications are then integrated during the year. [Learn more about our Integrated Lawn Care Program.]


  • Hybrid Lawn Care. SavATree’s popular Hybrid Program allows you to balance your desire for a healthy, beautiful landscape with your commitment to environmentally responsible lawn care. We use premium organic fertilizers to enhance the quality of your soil and maintain, energize, and fortify your property’s natural ecosystem. Weeds are addressed through conservative spot-treating with quality synthetic materials at optimal times during the year. [Learn more about our Hybrid Lawn Care Program.]


  • All-Nutrient Lawn Care. Our all-nutrient lawn care program is a great option for lawns that need a boost, rather than a serious overhaul. Focusing primarily on turf nutrition, we cultivate a proper soil environment by incorporating specially formulated and balanced nutrients, minerals, and slow release fertilizers based on the specific conditions of your turf. [Learn more about our All-Nutrient Lawn Care Program.]

Professional lawn care can help you achieve thick, healthy turf with vibrant color. SavATree’s lawn experts are ready to help, whether you need to treat your existing lawn, have problems growing grass, or just want to learn more about SavATree service options.


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