For many, seeing a deer roaming through the neighborhood only adds to the community’s beauty. They’re generally harmless and peaceful, but that doesn’t mean they won’t wreak havoc on the plants, shrubs and flowers that you dedicated many years to growing and maintaining.


Finding an effective deer repellent and deer deterrent service can help you preserve the hard work put into building a loving, comforting home for you and your family, or a beautiful property for customers who frequent your commercial space. At SavATree, we can help you Outsmart Hungry Deer™  and protect your landscape with DeerTech.

How do DeerTech deer repellents work?

Deer repellents are a type of deer deterrent designed to keep deer from eating the plants in your personal or commercial outdoor space. SavATree’s science-backed treatments stop deer in their tracks before they eat and damage your shrubs, potted flowers and greenery, especially during the growing season. SavATree uses natural, effective deer repellents to keep deer from diminishing your hard work.

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We offer two different DeerTech deer deterrent services: Our Three Circles of Protection program, as well as our seasonal deer spray and repellent program.

Three Circles of Protection program

This program focuses on using a combination of ultrasonic sound units emitting high-pitch frequencies and a proprietary repellent treatment in an effort to make deer feel too vulnerable to eat on your property.

The Three Circles include:

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    Sound: Our patented units emit ultrasonic units that emit high pitch frequencies
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    Treat: Natural odor and taste repellents make plants unappetizing to hungry deer.
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    Switch: To account for the habitual nature of deer, our specialist will come to your home and continually change up your prevention plan to keep deer from adapting.

Learn more about this protection solution here.

Three Circles

Seasonal deer repellent

While our seasonal deer spray is a part of the Three Circles of Protection program, it can also be a stand-alone option. Our repellent applications use an all-natural solution and are designed

Our bonus treatment: Buck Rub Prevention Services

A separate offering that comes with the year-round plan — and is an option for our seasonal deer repellent clients — is our Buck Rub Prevention Services. Our galvanized steel wrap is designed specifically to keep deer from scraping trees. The wrap is buried three inches deep into the dirt and covers the lower trunk, making it an effective option for protecting your trees.

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Implementing the right solution

One of our experienced arborists will come to your home for an evaluation and work with you to determine the type of service that’s best for your property. The arborist will look for obvious signs of deer presence, such as:

  • Damage to plants.
  • Evidence of bedding.
  • Hoof marks.
  • Droppings.
  • Scrapes on trees.


During this evaluation, the arborist will confirm if you need a seasonal spray or would benefit more from the Three Circles of Protection program.


Steps to installing our Three Circles of Protection program include:


  1. Determining the target area. The specialist will inspect the property and decide where to place the sound units.
  2. Creating a map to show unit placement. Each unit should be strategically placed to form a triangle. The landscape will be flagged off to mark where each unit will go.
  3. Checking for an outdoor power source. The arborist makes sure the motion sensor and ultrasonic sound units can be plugged into an outdoor outlet, which ensures a specialist can access all parts of the device without having to enter the home.
  4. Finalizing the plan. The arborist will finalize a site map of the units for the installer, who will ensure the planned location for each unit is suitable for wiring and installation.

Is there a natural deer repellent?

Both programs we offer are considered safe and humane for animals, and harmless to humans. All of our repellent sprays are made with all-natural products, and our ultrasonic sound devices do nothing more than deter deer from eating using a white noise method.

Deer are constantly wiggling their ears to listen for predators; the white noise works as an assumed threat to deer, so they won’t put their heads down to feed when they’re on your treated property.

With these all-natural deer deterrent options, not only will you have peace of mind knowing that deer go unharmed, but it also means the other animals — as well as family members and visitors — roaming your property are safe as well.


When should deer repellents be applied?

Timing for application will depend on the type of deer deterrent service our arborist recommends.

Winter, for example, can be a very challenging time to protect your plants and shrubs from deer. To make protection easier, we use a distinguishing blue-green repellent as a part of our winter treatment suggestion that is administered during the colder months due to its temperature-sensitive formula. This would be applied at the start of the season when the temperature starts to drop.


Our other deer repellent treatments are considered all-season, which means if you’re seeing damage caused by deer in the spring, summer or fall, we can come in and apply the treatment at any time. We will use specific sprays depending on the season to offer an effective solution for seasonal plants and shrubs; plants that grow and thrive in the spring will need a different deer repellent spray than those that flourish in the fall.


SavATree applies the Three Circles of Protection once per month, which allows technicians to maintain the ultrasonic units and vary the treatment. SavATree has extensively studied deer behavior, and we know constant adjustment is necessary to prevent deer, who are habitual creatures, from adapting.


What is the most effective deer repellent?

At SavATree, all of our deer deterrent programs are highly effective. We want you to plant what you love, and we will protect it with DeerTech.


Three Circles of Protection offers a solution that combines sound, deer repellent treatments and continuous treatment adjustments to prevent deer adaptation. Choosing DeerTech gives you the option to continue admiring deer that roam your outdoor space—it just adds a layer of protection for your landscape.


The winter deer repellent option is an effective choice for those looking to protect seasonal plant material, like woody ornamentals and evergreens, as it uses ingredients that are temperature-restricted, providing the best quality protection during this time of the year.


Finally, our other seasonal options are perfect for those who’ve noticed damage caused by deer in single seasons outside of winter. Our clear treatments work to target seasonal plants and shrubs, protecting them from deer and helping them thrive.


No matter the deer repellent and deterrent services you need based on the specific characteristics of your property, SavATree can help. Our brand stands for environmentality, integrity and continuous improvement, so you can rest assured our all-natural ingredients and deterrents are designed to offer a safe, effective and humane solution that preserves your plant life without harming deer and other wildlife that roam your space.


Reducing the amount of damage on your property caused by deer can be simple with assistance from SavATree. To learn more about our deer repellent and deer deterrent services, contact us directly today. We’re excited to schedule your complimentary consultation.