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Our ESG impact grows over time.

Environmental Sustainability

At SavATree, we are entrusted with the care of the ecosystem’s most vital assets – trees, shrubs, plants and turf. We take our landscape stewardship responsibility very seriously, and in fact, our name SavATree denotes the importance of environmental preservation. Expert delivery of the least intrusive, fully customized, environmentally sensible solutions and enhancements is the foundation upon which the company was launched, and remains our core value to this day. SavATree’s deeply held “green” ethos extend to the ways in which we operate our business. We continue to implement changes that reduce the carbon footprint of our day-to-day operations, while also partnering with municipal and non-government organizations, on high-impact, national projects to preserve and expand tree canopy.

Social Responsibility

Our mission statement is a good starting point for SavATree’s social contract: we are “people with passion, leading progress in nature and community.”  As green industry leaders, we are committed to hiring the best experts in the fields of horticulture, arboriculture, urban forestry and agronomy – and then including them in a rigorous training program combining academic, on-property and mentorship experiences. Safety is a moral imperative as well as a common theme in our ongoing training programs at all levels of the company. As corporate citizens we participate, sponsor and contribute to hundreds of organizations throughout the country in support of our customers, communities and industry partners. We are proud to have chosen the Boys and Girls Clubs as our official charity, and engage with local clubs in every market we serve.

Corporate Governance

SavATree’s senior leadership team partners with our Board of Directors to create an ethical, inclusive, highly accountable operating framework. We are committed to supporting our deeply engaged workforce as they grow the company, serve customers, and provide sustainable landscape solutions and enhancements for property owners and managers nationwide.

SavATree Truck parked at house with beautiful lilac shrubs