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Core Aeration Services

In conjunction with a complete lawn program, core aeration is a cultural practice that can do wonders for the health and beauty of your lawn. It involves the mechanical removal of small soil plugs, or “cores,” which allows water, air, and nutrients to make their way more easily to the turf’s roots where they’re needed.

Why Aerate Your Lawn?

When the particles in the top four inches of the soil layer become tightly compressed, the movement of air, water, and nutrients to the root system of your turf is hampered. The compacted soil can contribute to the accumulation of thatch (a build-up of organic matter beneath the blades of the grass but above the soil), can cause poor drainage, and generally stresses the lawn. If left unchecked, soil compaction weakens your lawn’s root system and makes your lawn more susceptible to pests, weeds, and disease.

The process of core aeration involves using a machine that uses hollow tines to punch holes in the turf and remove small cores (cylindrical volumes of soil). This creates channels through which water, air, and nutrients can penetrate the soil.

SavATree Tree Services & Lawn Care

The Many Benefits of Core Aeration

  • Improved root systems. By reducing soil compaction and improving pore space, core aeration increases pore spaces in the soil which improves root growth and root depth.
  • Improved irrigation. Because aeration allows water to infiltrate into the soil easier and faster, it reduces runoff and puddling and increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your irrigation practices.
  • Reduced thatch. Since compacted and/or poorly drained soils are prone to excessive thatch, the improved drainage from core aeration can help with thatch problems.
  • Increased microbial activity. Soil microbial activity is very important to the maintenance of healthy turfgrass (and discouraging excess thatch.) A healthy microbial population requires sufficient oxygen and water penetration, both of which are improved through aeration of the soil.

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Professional lawn care can help you achieve thick, healthy turf with vibrant color. SavATree’s lawn experts are ready to help, whether you need to treat your existing lawn, have problems growing grass, or just want to learn more about SavATree service options.