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Understanding Your Tree Canopy

How much tree canopy do you have? How much can you have? What measures do you need to take to sustain your canopy over time? Whether you have these concerns at the parcel level, neighborhood level or city or council level, the SavATree Consulting Group can help you with the tree canopy inventory, assessment and management planning.

SavATree - Tree Service & Lawn Care

Tree Inventory

You can’t know what to do until you know what you have. We can assist you with a variety of inventory options from field data collection to remote sensing analysis depending on the intensity of our information needs. Some individual characteristics that may be assessed during a tree inventory include:

  • Location
  • Size
  • Type
  • General condition and health
  • Damage
  • Special conditions

We have helped establish a comprehensive database of actionable intelligence for our clients’ trees that will allow them to make informed decisions in the care of their property.

SavATree - Tree Service & Lawn Care

Tree Management Planning

Once your tree inventory is complete and you know what you have, now you must decide what to do with this information. The SavATree Consulting Group can provide you with actionable tree intelligence to prioritize your tree management decisions with limited resources for maximum efficiency.

SavATree - Tree Service & Lawn Care

Tree Canopy Assessment

We use high resolution remotely sensed imagery fused with LiDAR data to provide sub-meter high resolution land cover maps. We can combine these with other datasets to assess the existing and potential tree canopy at a variety of scales from the parcel to the jurisdiction and beyond.

SavATree Tree Services & Lawn Care

Photo – LiDar data (a) is fused with high resolution imagery (b) to create a high resolution map of the tree canopy (c) and land cover (d)

SavATree - Tree Service & Lawn Care

iTree Assessment and Forecasting

We can process your tree inventory through iTree tools to tell you the amount of canopy you have and the ecological benefits that your trees provide. We can also use iTree to project the lifespan of your current population and model scenarios of tree planting in future years to result in the same amount of tree canopy over time.


One project we performed that included the use of iTree technology was our case study involving the city of Durham, North Carolina. We helped to assess their street tree canopy and made projections for the future in hopes of assisting them in continuing to maintain a healthy, sustainable canopy.

Durham Canopy increase over time

The Final Product

SavATree’s Consulting Group delivers actionable tree intelligence in formats that work for you, and you own the data. We believe in “open data”, which means that we deliver everything to you in a usable and uploadable format. We don’t keep you from your data by requiring a proprietary software purchase. Whether you engage with us on a tree inventory or a management plan, we will deliver the results in a digital map that can be queried, and Excel document with details and a PDF.  We provide a CSV table so that you can upload into other applications. And, of course, we stand ready to assist in understanding and implementing recommendations to attain your tree canopy objectives!

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