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Organic Tick Control

Tick Control

Even the most picturesque, perfectly-maintained landscape can host unwelcome, and potentially dangerous guests: ticks. Ticks are well known vectors for Powassan virus, Borrelia, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, ehrlichiosis, anaplasmosis, babesiosis and more.

Deer Tick Control

Deer Tick Deer ticks in particular are known carriers of Lyme disease which according to the CDC is the number one tick-borne illness in the US. In fact, the CDC reports on average 300,000 new cases of Lyme disease in the US each year.

Mild winters allow more ticks to survive and provide them early access to blood meals from food sources such as people and pets that are outside enjoying the warm temperatures. The potential threat from ticks forces homeowners to find solutions to protect their families, reduce the risk of bites and Lyme disease while maintaining the most environmentally friendly and responsible care for their landscapes.

Organic Tick Treatments & Natural Tick Repellents

To meet this need, SavATree is now offering Organic Tick Control Treatments to our customers. The product used in these treatments kills ticks on contact and provides residual control lasting 30-60 days. Applications are performed by covering the entire property paying close attention to the ecotone area which separates the yard and lawn from the tree line. This particular area is known to be the preferred habitat of the deer tick.

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