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Golf Course Tree Service

Tree & Shrub Care for Golf Courses

The game of golf incorporates passion, consistency and attention to detail. These three critical components are also SavATree’s guiding principles. We are proud of achieving beautiful results on golf courses and helping you provide your members with the ultimate club experience.

SavATree’s certified arborists can work in concert with your in-house crews to develop customized programs to maintain healthy trees and shrubs, critical design elements in any golf course. Our professionals are fully trained to enhance sight lines and improve turf quality through root pruning or canopy reduction. We are experts at reducing risk and minimizing costly storm damage from trees. In addition, our state-of-the-art equipment can help you achieve your landscape goals in a timely manner.

golf course tree service

TLC for Your Course

SavATree can provide a thorough inspection and diagnosis of the plantings throughout your golf course and common areas. We offer complete general tree care and plant health care solutions. In addition we can help develop cost effective, long term tree maintenance plans and work unobtrusively within your schedule and budget.

  • Restoration, vista and maintenance pruning
  • Custom blend fertilization
  • Insect & disease treatments
  • Safety and storm damage risk audits
SavATree Tree Services & Lawn Care

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