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4.6 (5,198 reviews)
5 Stars Review Rating
The advice was carefully explained. No pressure. Several options given to save money or have them do the work. The arborist who came out was on time and had a wealth of knowledge.
Joseph D. Joseph D.
5 Stars Review Rating
They are the most courteous company I’ve dealt with. Very reliable. They always know how to properly treat the problem first time round.
Barbara S. Barbara S.
5 Stars Review Rating
The arborist was exceptional. She was not only professional, but explained in great detail what needed to be done, in a simple direct manner.
Nellie S. Nellie S.
5 Stars Review Rating
SavATree have been managing the health and appearance of my trees for longer than I can remember. Very easy to work with. I rely completely on their advice and recommendations.
Cecelia C. Cecelia C.
5 Stars Review Rating
Removed a diseased tree which was approximately 100 feet tall. Cleaned up beautifully. All plants surrounding were left in excellent condition. Nothing was damaged.
Robin A. Robin A.
5 Stars Review Rating
The arborists, tree and turf teams are always knowledgeable, professional and punctual. The quality of service is second to none.
Scott M. Scott M.
5 Stars Review Rating
No fuss, no mess. I should have had this done years ago. SavATree is an excellent example of how things should be done. Exceeded expectations in every way.
Jeff G. Jeff G.
5 Stars Review Rating
We had significant storm damage to our 75yo locust tree this summer. SavATree expertly triaged and re-shaped. It's filling back in nicely and looks very healthy. They are artists!
Phil G. Phil G.
5 Stars Review Rating
Our entire HOA uses SavATree for lawn fertilization. After only one season, they have our lawns looking great.They listen closely to customer needs and are very responsive.
Ron L. Ron L.
savatree shrub pruning proper technique


Professional Shrub Pruning: the Right Care at the Right Time

Shrubs offer a wide range of benefits and value to landscapes by providing the “Five Fs:” colorful flowers, attractive fruits, beautiful foliage, interesting form, and amazing fall color.

A proper shrub pruning program — by knowledgeable, highly-trained SavATree arborists — will help enhance the Five Fs, not diminish them. Well-timed and customized pruning will improve their strength, health, and resilience for the future, and help you avoid expensive shrub replacements.

The Best Time for Shrub Pruning

Since every species of shrub is different, our timing and approach for pruning is based on their schedule, not ours. In addition to the needs of the specific species, the optimal time for shrub pruning also depends on factors such climate, site conditions, and the current health of the plant. SavATree arborists will evaluate your property and shrubs and propose a pruning schedule designed to help them flourish. (Flowering shrubs are a good example, since timing has a crucial effect on the amount of flowers they will produce. These shrubs typically should be pruned shortly after blooming, but before the buds are set for the following season.)

Hand Pruning by Skilled Arborists

At SavATree, we prefer to prune shrubs by hand, rather than use power shears, because it allows our arborists to make careful, selective cuts that benefit the shrub’s health as well as its appearance. Hand-pruning gives the arborist access to the shrub’s interior as well as exterior branches, promoting growth throughout the plant. The precision of hand pruning improves the vitality of the shrub and enhances its natural growth and shape. (We will, of course, perform power shearing at the customer’s request.)

Shrub Pruning Techniques

In taking stock of your plantings and landscape, our arborists will determine which type of pruning will be both beneficial to the health of the shrub and aesthetically pleasing to you.

Thinning Shrubs

In this shrub trimming technique, branches are selectively removed at the base to open up the crown, maximize light penetration, and prevent the shrub from growing too large for its surroundings. This type of pruning is also performed to emphasize the larger stems and trunks if you are training your shrub to look like a small tree.

Rejuvenating Shrubs

Rejuvenation pruning is the term for cutting shrubs to ground level (or very low) in hopes of “rejuvenating” entirely new shrub growth. All tissue is removed at once including deadwood, diseased tissue and broken limbs. Just like perennials and ornamental grasses, many shrubs can be cut to the ground in early spring and new, healthier growth will follow. Rejuvenation is a crucial part of properly managing overall height and shrub size.

Shaping Shrubs

Pruning can return a shrub to its intended shape and aesthetic when it’s become overgrown (or has been the victim of bad pruning in the past.) We cut back or “head” branches to a point where they meet another branch or bud, keeping the cut at a 45-degree angle. If you desire a formal look, we trim back the new shoots by half in early summer to stimulate branching at the base. Then, in the fall, we trim all new growth back by half again and begin shaping the shrub by tapering the sides and making the top flat or rounded.

First, Do No Harm! Entrust Pruning to Professional Arborists

Yes, your shrubs can be harmed — often irreparably — by neglecting the pruning they need. But pruning that is performed improperly can be just as damaging to the shrub’s appearance and health. It can be tempting to try DIY pruning, but it’s very easy to overdo it, resulting in a loss of flower and fruit formation, or in killing the shrub entirely.

That’s why it is important to entrust the pruning of your shrubs to the qualified arborists at SavATree. They keep up-to-date on the most effective science-based pruning techniques. They have a thorough understanding of plant physiology. They have deep practical experience with a wide range of shrub species. They are equipped with the best tools, and know how to use them correctly.

SavATree arborists adhere to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard for shrub and tree pruning, referred to as ANSI A300. The A300 standards are the generally accepted industry standards, and recommend or require everything from the exact cutting techniques and pruning methods arborists should follow, to the specific tools they should use for certain procedures.

Professional shrub pruning can help you achieve strong, beautiful, sustainably healthy plants that are an asset to your property. SavATree’s arborists are ready to help — whether you have questions about our pruning services, specific concerns about one or more of your shrubs or ornamentals, or just want to learn more about SavATree shrub care options. [Learn about the full complement of Shrub Care services we offer.]