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Lawn Seeding Services

Early fall is the best time to seed grass throughout the United States. We typically advise homeowners and property managers to take advantage of this season to introduce new seed varieties to their lawn.

There are several things you’ll want to consider when picking a lawn seeding service. A SavATree lawn care expert can help evaluate the current conditions on your property and make recommendations to create the best program.

Lawn Seeding Considerations

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  • When is the ideal time for lawn seeding?
  • How long does grass seed take to germinate?
  • What are the specific maintenance requirements following lawn seeding?

A lawn care professional can guide you through all of these variables and provide tips to help restore your existing lawn or establish a new lawn. Caring for your lawn with a professional maintenance program will keep your lawn healthy and attractive, adding continuous value to your property. Consider one of our grass seeding services to help your lawn become the envy of the neighborhood. Our lawn care team will perform a soil analysis, select the best seed for your landscape conditions and develop a comprehensive lawn care maintenance plan customized for your property’s needs. Optional natural lawn care programs are available to fit your preferences.

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Not All Grass Seed is Created Equal

Planting new varieties can help protect a lawn from drought, disease, pests, excessive traffic and shade, so as a result they need less water and pest control. We only use the best rated varieties. Based on these reviews, we’ve created our own premium grass seed blends which mostly include Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass and Tall Fescues.

Using Slice Seeding for Your Lawn Seeding

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Lawn services, accurately timed and performed by professionals will be conducted with the use of specialized equipment designed to maximize performance. The slice seeding equipment used on your lawn slices through the thatch and plants new grass seed directly into the soil, eliminating the need to till or strip.

Our lawn care professionals will assess your landscape and determine the specific needs of your lawn. You can be sure that the premium seed blend selected for your lawn will give you the best results for growing grass on your property.

Call today for a complimentary consultation from our fully trained and certified professionals for seeding, new lawn care and lawn service.

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