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SavATree - Tree Service & Lawn Care

Make the most of your HOA’s trees, shrubs and lawn!


At SavATree, we understand that the main priorities for your homeowners association are to keep your communities safe and beautiful while making sure you meet the wants and needs of your Board of Directors.


We can help you by offering the following:

  • Be a resource not only for you and your team, but also be available for meetings and presentations with your boards and homeowners
  • Help ensure continuity of care and information management when boards turn over
  • Reserve studies management
  • Identify and mitigate potential liabilities to keep your current and future homeowners safe, including removal of broken branches or dead/dying trees and treating any pests or disease
  • Support the health and beauty of your trees and increase curb appeal for current and future homeowners – proactive pruning, maintenance and Plant Health Care


We are here to make your job a little easier and help you be successful. You can count on our prompt and reliable service, courteous and professional crews and outstanding clean-up. SavATree knows how to make you and your properties look good!

Home Owners Associations

Commercial Tree & Lawn Care Offerings

  • A timely maintenance regimen designed to promote health and vigor
  • General tree care to address architectural concerns such as safety, shape and structural integrity
  • Organic and hybrid tree, shrub and turf care
  • Professional crews who work unobtrusively
  • Scheduling and notification service
  • Programs tailored to your landscape goals and budget
  • 24-hour emergency service and support

Interested in minimizing risk and stabilizing your budget?

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Services for property managers

SavATree has vast experience working with property managers to achieve goals, overcome challenges and stay within budget.

Reasons to trust SavATree with your tree, shrub and lawn care

Click the button or call (800) 341-8733 today to arrange a complimentary consultation from one of our industry certified arborists for commercial services from SavATree.