Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Care with an Integrated Approach to Weed Control and More

Lawn maintenance by highly trained specialists can give you healthy thick turf with vibrant color that makes a great impact on the overall appearance of your home. An integrated lawn maintenance program cultivates a proper growing environment for your lawn by incorporating specially formulated balanced nutrients, minerals and slow release lawn fertilizers based on your specific turf conditions. A comprehensive approach and optimal timing of applications creates turf for you that is naturally more resistant against diseases, insects and weeds. Targeted weed control and other treatments are also available for specific areas affected by damaging insects, weeds, crabgrass and lawn diseases.

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Lawn Maintenance with Real Benefits

Lawn maintenance that produces great results requires attention to detail and proper timing. Your integrated lawn care maintenance program starts with balanced fertilizers with special slow release nutrient sources that encourage spring green up and controlled growth. These also reduce the chances for lawn disease development. Preventative crabgrass treatments and selective spot treatments for broadleaf weeds are included where needed and based upon seasonal timing.

Controlled release fertilizers enhance turf vigor, while reducing excessive shoot growth. Root and shoot density is increased in preparation for summer stress. Additional lawn care such as broadleaf weed controls, insect controls and crabgrass controls are applied where needed.

Weed Control Applications

Weed control applications and targeted lawn maintenance treatments for summer weed control and certain insects are applied if necessary. Specially blended, slow release lawn fertilizers are used to help turf through the difficult period of heat and drought. As autumn begins, we select balanced fertilizers for your lawn maintenance regimen to help your grass plants recover from summer stress. Color and density improve as nutrients encourage vigorous growth. Weeds control and surface insect treatments are added where needed.

Your integrated lawn maintenance program concludes with seasonally balanced and formulated fertilizers that promote expansion of roots and storage of carbohydrates to improve winter hardiness. The density of your turf is enhanced while maintaining excellent fall color and moderate shoot growth.

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