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Tree and Plant Health Care for Public Gardens and Arboreta


Trust SavATree with the unique needs of your expansive gardens!


SavATree is proud to work closely with horticulturists and arborists on staff to provide specialized expertise, services and equipment, as needed. We are a trusted partner of premier public gardens nationwide. Our team approach advances science-based, pragmatic solutions to preserve healthy, sustainable landscapes.

SavATree Tree Services & Lawn Care
SavATree Tree Services & Lawn Care

Glen Magna Farms – Danvers, MA

SavATree Tree Services & Lawn Care

Benefits of working with SavATree



We are proud to provide pruning and removal work, plant health care services, professional consulting services, expertise in unique and diverse plant species, and more! Part of our partnerships with public gardens also can include a canopy replacement plan stating that when we remove a tree, we replace it at no cost to the garden!

Services Include:

  • Tree and Shrub Pruning
  • Tree Removals
  • Cabling and Bracing
  • Custom Blend Fertilization
  • Insect, Mite and Disease Treatments
  • Professional Lawn Care
  • Tick and Mosquito Treatments
  • Soil Amendments
  • Deer Deterrents
  • Organic and Hybrid Programs
  • Holiday Lighting

Exceeding Expectations

We operate with the highest standard of care and our depth of knowledge produces the best possible outcomes. Our service excellence and results set us apart as a leader in the green industry. In addition to comprehensive tree and plant health care services, SavATree also provides state-of-the-art inventory and management plans, tree pruning and removal, tree preservation plans, tree risk assessments and hazard reduction.


Ask an Arborist 

SavATree’s passion for sustainability and commitment to education extends to programs we offer to participating gardens. We are happy to provide speakers and deliver presentations on a wide variety of topics. At our popular Ask an Arborist events, garden visitors are welcome to stop by to ask any landscape related questions and receive educational literature, such as SavATree’s bi-annual Timely Tips newsletter. We are always available to serve as a resource and make a complimentary property visit to assess a specific issue or make a diagnosis.



For more than 20 years, SavATree has annually invited industry professionals such as municipal arborists, landscapers, landscape architects, horticulturists, garden enthusiasts and property managers to an educational seminar featuring cutting-edge topics, some of which qualify for continuing education credits! As Chicago Botanic Garden’s principal tree health care provider, SavATree holds one of our largest annual seminars at The Garden.

SavATree Tree Services & Lawn Care
SavATree - Tree Service & Lawn Care

Blossoms of Light – Denver Botanic Gardens

Holiday Lighting Service

We are leaders in creating outdoor holiday displays that are proven to draw in and delight visitors by illuminating public gardens with holiday magic. Click here to learn more about our décor service.