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SavATree Tree & Lawn Care Services Indiana

Carmel Expert Tree Service & Lawn Care

4621 East 146th Street
Carmel, In 46033
(317) 846-3778
[email protected]


Indianapolis Expert Tree Service & Lawn Care

5050 Freyn Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46254
(317) 298-8482
[email protected]

The Carmel, IN team includes:

  • Kelly Funk – serving properties in Indianapolis and Noblesville, IN.
  • Matthew Phillips – serving properties in Carmel, Westfield, Cicero, Arcadia, Indianapolis, Nora, Sheridan, and Atlanta, IN.


The Indianapolis, IN team includes:

  • Scott Mitchell – serving properties in Indianapolis and Lawrence, IN.
  • Shawn Williams – serving properties in Zionsville, Indianapolis, Whitestown, and Lebanon, IN.
  • Alec Johnston – serving properties in Indianapolis and surrounding areas.

Indiana Commercial Tree Service

SavATree also provides commercial tree care services that can maintain the beauty, health and safety of the trees on your business property. We have over 20 years of experience working with commercial and municipal properties in Indiana including corporations of all sizes, golf courses, historic properties, property management firms and homeowners associations. For more information about tree services or to schedule your complimentary consultation with a Indiana licensed arborist, click here to contact us.

Interested in an Indiana tree or lawn care job in our industry? Learn how you can build your career with SavATree at

Indiana Tree Care Services

Professional tree services can have an overwhelming impact on the value and beauty of your property. When you work with one of SavATree’s certified Indiana arborists, you can rest assured that he/she has the knowledge and experience to identify and treat the issues and conditions unique to Indiana tree species and landscapes.

SavATree’s Indiana arborists use their expertise, regional experience and eco-sensible philosophy to provide you with these exemplary tree services:

Insect and mite treatment

The SavATree insect management program can protect your landscape from the damaging effects that may be caused by insect infestation. Your professionally trained arborist will identify any insect problems and prescribe treatment, along with careful, routine monitoring and proper maintenance.


Tree removal / take-downs

If you have a tree removal emergency, reach out to your local SavATree branch via phone, email, or the link below. You’ll benefit from the assistance of a national company with a highly skilled team, advanced technologies, and a state-of-the-art fleet that can be quickly mobilized for specialty work and emergencies.


Tick control

SavATree is pleased to offer our organic tick spray for yard. Our solutions use cedar oil as the active ingredient to eliminate ticks on contact and provide residual control that lasts between 30 and 60 days.


Deer repellent

We offer two different DeerTech deer deterrent services: Our Three Circles of Protection program, as well as our seasonal deer spray and repellent program. Our Three Circles of Protection program using a combination of ultrasonic sound units emitting high-pitch frequencies and a proprietary repellent treatment in an effort to make deer feel too vulnerable to eat on your property.

Your SavATree arborist will perform a thorough inspection of your trees, diagnose trouble areas and make tree service recommendations that will help you obtain the landscape of your dreams.