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Permitting, Construction & Compliance

Construction projects require special attention to tree preservation and permitting. Many jurisdictions require a permit to prune or remove a tree. Our team has the expertise to research, submit and guide all relevant permit applications through to fruition.

SavATree - Tree Service & Lawn Care

Tree Preservation Plans

The experts at the SavATree Consulting Group create tree preservation plans according to the local code and aligned with the American National Standard for tree, Shrub and Other Wood Plant Management – Standard Practices (ANSI A300 Part 5). This includes management of trees and shrubs during site planning, site development and construction.

A Tree Preservation Plan may include:

  • Assessment of trees whose critical root zones are close to the limit of disturbance
  • Evaluating trees for preservation or removal
  • Providing specifications for protection of trees to be preserved
  • Canopy cover assessments
  • Calculations for compliance purposes
  • Mitigation planning

Phases of Tree Preservation Planning

  • Planning: This is where existing conditions are mapped, including an inventory of existing trees and mapping of a tree canopy.
  • Design: In this phase, site design is done, the limits of disturbance are determined and the tree management plan in completed. The tree management plan will tell which trees are being removed, which trees are being retained, which trees require preservation measures and how those measures will be implemented and monitored. This phase may also include mapping of expected post-construction tree canopy and mitigation calculations for tree and/or tree canopy removal.
  • Pre-construction: Before construction activity occurs, the limits of disturbance are marked in the field. Activities such as root pruning may be performed along the limits of disturbance to separate trees being retained from the area being graded so that roots of retained trees are cut cleanly and not torn. Tree protection fencing is erected along tree protection zones with signage identifying tree preservation areas.
  • Construction: Tree preservation measures may be monitored at a specified interval. Monitoring may include photo documentation, reports or both. Reasons for monitoring include:
    • Verifying that tree protection fencing and signage are operational and not breached
    • Making sure tree preservation areas are not being used to store materials or equipment
    • Ensuring no damage has been done to the trees being preserved
  • Post-Construction: Landscape installation is normally performed at the end of the construction activity. Planting inspections may be performed at the completion of construction and at a prescribed survival check time. It may also include verification that mitigation requirements have been fulfilled.
table for managing trees during construction

The best way to save trees and money on your project is to plan for it at the start! The further into a project you wait to decide if you are going to make tangible efforts to preserve your trees, the higher the costs of mitigation and protection and the lower the possibility of success.

SavATree - Tree Service & Lawn Care

Compliance Oversight Monitoring & Reporting

Some specifications require a qualified arborist to provide oversight during certain phases of construction or periodic monitoring of tree preservation compliance over the life of a project. We can support your project with monitoring and reporting on tree preservation efforts to ensure that you remain in compliance and that preserved trees are protected.


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