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SavATree at government buildings

Proud to be working in the foreground of the iconic Washington Monument

Tree Management Expertise for Municipalities

SavATree has been entrusted to care for many government-owned properties on various projects ranging from pruning damaged limbs from street trees over sidewalks and on park grounds; removing dangerous trees from pedestrian walk ways and streets; eliminating limbs obstructing signs and lights on city streets, providing plant health care solutions to townships and the maintenance/restorative pruning of valuable shade trees on college campuses and historic sites.

Specific projects include:

  • Tree Pruning for the Department of Environmental Protection. This project stretches along 75 miles of aqueducts, reservoirs and the Hudson River. It requires coordinating tree pruning for Homeland Security purposes and for public and residential property safety.
  • SavATree’s project at the site of the Statue of Liberty, Liberty Island Allee, won the TCIA Excellence in Arboriculture Award. The National Park Service, U.S. Department of Interior hired SavATree to reestablish the architectural intent of the allee of trees and circle surrounding the flag plaza by restoring the upright form of 100 Littleleaf linden trees through Young Tree Pruning, canopy elevation and crown cleaning. The original design for the entrance on the west side of Liberty Island intended the allee of trees to provide a natural line of sight and draw attention upward to the Stature of Liberty, create areas of shade for tourists and emphasize the prominence of the Statue as the centerpiece of the island.
  • SavATree’s Chicagoland branches have assisted multiple municipal clients such as the City of Park Ridge with pruning, removals and emergency storm damage work. The Cook County Forest Preserve District and the Village of Hinsdale also called on SavATree for help with pruning.
Overnight tree work
SavATree crews burning the midnight oil in Central Park, New York City.
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SavATree Tree Services & Lawn Care

Benefits of Working with SavATree

SavATree understands the visual impact that a landscape has on its visitors. We have over 40 years of experience providing full-service tree and lawn care to municipal, corporate, institutional, historic and residential properties throughout the country.

Federal, state and local agencies and municipalities depend on our professionalism, expertise, flexible scheduling and customized services. They also count on us to deliver timely solutions and flexible resources, and support when and where they need it.

Our commitment goes far beyond aesthetics. We are committed to reducing risks and providing effective solutions that will protect and enhance the value of a client’s investment.

SavATree can help you with your commercial project even if it means working through the night!

Reasons to trust SavATree with your tree, shrub and lawn care

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