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DeerTech Three Circles of Protection

Deer Deterrent that Works

Wondering how to stop deer from eating your plants?

DeerTech (a SavATree company) offers a solution that combines sound, deer repellent treatments, and continuously switching things up to prevent deer adaptation. Our solution is far more effective than deer fencing or repellent treatments alone.

Product development and field experience on thousands of properties in high deer pressure areas has proven DeerTech’s effectiveness—as has our over 95% customer satisfaction rate!

DeerTech developed an effective solution to deer control that does not harm deer, pets, or people, by employing biologists with expertise in deer behavior, partnering with Cornell University specialists on deer research, and undertaking extensive field testing to create the best deer prevention solution on the market.

DeerTech Ultrasonic Unit

The Science of DeerTech

People constantly ask us how do we “get rid of deer” or can you “keep deer away?” The truth is you can’t, but what we can do is discourage them from browsing with DeerTech’s Three Circles of Protection. It creates an environment that deer perceive as dangerous and it acts as a deterrent by targeting all of their senses.


Our proprietary ultrasonic units emit sounds that are piercing to deer, but unnoticeable to humans. The motion sensor triggers the sounds when deer are in proximity, which makes them uncomfortable since they cannot listen for predators. With their hearing compromised, deer are disinclined to browse. The units are unobtrusive, energy efficient, and feature on-site programming capability, allowing your specialist to make adjustments based on the conditions on your landscape.


The combination of foliar deer repellents with ultrasonic sound keeps deer feeling unsafe in your environment. We regularly treat with products which deer find the smell and taste objectionable. Ingredients in scented products aid in making deer feel unsafe and making your property less desirable. Deer deterrent treatments make plants taste undesirable to deer and reduce their interest in your landscaping.


Over time, even the first two circles can be penetrated as deer learn to adapt. This is why DeerTech switches things up to keep deer on their toes and unable to adapt.

Deer are creatures of habit. They don’t like changes in their environment. New smells and new sounds scare them. A DeerTech Field Specialist visits your property monthly to observe and adjust your system and treatments accordingly depending on the season, weather changes, and behavioral changes of deer on your property.

We Outsmart Hungry Deer

So go ahead and plant what you want! No deer fencing needed!