Reduce the Risk of Wildfire Damage

The western region of the United States has been experiencing prolonged dry conditions, high temperatures, and gusty winds which could create a perfect storm for the ignition and rapid spread of wildfires. 

Regular risk assessments are vital on residential and commercial properties to mitigate fire hazards. Creating defensible zones around buildings is crucial during high-risk wildfire seasons for better protection. 

Local clearance requirements vary based on region. Check with your local government, homeowners insurance company, and your arborist for the most up-to-date information. 

  • Manage deadfall and overgrown brush. 
  • Prune large trees to remove tree limbs within 10 feet of the ground, and at least 10 feet from chimneys. 
  • Create an 8–10-foot clear pathway around buildings. 
  • Keep native grass mowed below 4 inches in height and remove pine needles and other flammable debris from decks, roofs, and gutters. 
  • Remove suppressed understory vegetation to prevent fire spread. 
  • Do not place firewood on or underneath any decks. Store firewood at least 30 feet from structures.  
  • Clear vegetation to maintain vertical and horizontal clearance of 8 feet around hydrants and water sources. 

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