The 2021 Drought & Lingering Effects

Almost half of the US has been experiencing some level of drought and its impacts are expected to worsen before it ends. Lack of rainfall has affected many SavATree properties to some degree, ranging from abnormally dry conditions to exceptional droughts. The immediate effects of drought damage are primarily visual, including wilting, scorch, and defoliation. However, long-term symptoms are more severe, including dieback of branches and eventually death of the plant due to root and absorption complications. Additionally, susceptibility to disease infections and insect invasion are heightened as the plant’s overall general health and ability to ward off these problems is diminished.


While drought periods may come and go, it’s important to be aware that the negative impacts of drought on plant growth and health may continue to be a problem for years to come. It’s vital for residents across the country to take necessary precautions to protect their landscapes in order to limit the spread of destruction. Consider xeriscaping and incorporating drought-tolerant plants that can handle dry weather. This form of landscaping is becoming widely popular in some areas because of its environmental and financial benefits. Be sure to ask an expert what to plant and how to care for it. 


During periods of dry weather and drought, we recommend incorporating ArborKelp into your plant health care program. ArborKelp is SavATree’s exclusive seaweed-based biostimulant that is designed to encourage nutrient uptake from soil, promote fine root growth, and heighten stress tolerance. Call your expert SavATree team for a comprehensive plan to maintain a beautiful and healthy landscape.


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