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Storms And Trees: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Is your landscape properly protected from the potential wrath of mother nature? Thousands of trees damaged by storms can be spared if precautions are taken to protect those trees and shrubs from breaking apart or uprooting. With that in mind, what measures can you take to help your trees and shrubs tolerate extreme weather conditions?

1. Take note of potential hazards

  • Cracks in the trunk or major limbs
  • Hollow and decayed areas
  • The presence of extensive dead wood
  • Fungus growing from base of the tree
  • Electrical power lines near tree
  • Large branches joined by tight v-shaped forks (a sign of structural instability)

2. Implement a Professional Pruning Maintenance Program to remove diseased, dead and damaged limbs

3. Install Cabling & Bracing to keep trees from being uprooted or limbs from being damaged from the effects of snow, ice and wind

4. Install Lightning Protection in tall trees which are growing near the house

5. Work With Your Arborist To Design A Plant Health Care Program which meets the needs of your landscape and addresses those trees and shrubs which need care.

You too can protect the health, beauty and value of your landscape by working with your arborist to design and implement a Storm Damage Prevention Program.

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