Reduce Snow Load and Ice Dams


SaveARoof can help keep your roof and deck safe this season

A snow storm can be extremely devastating to any roof. Snow accumulations can carry a great deal of weight and put stress on your roof and deck. If snow is removed improperly, it could cause roof failure. Proper maintenance of your roof drainage system will prevent the water from backing up into your home. It will also allow your roof to drain normally without damage to your home structure.

No matter if the roof has a flat or steep slope, removing the snow properly requires knowledge of roof construction. To help our customers, we will be providing a service called SaveARoof. With this service our crews will assist in clearing ice jams, reduce the burden on drainage systems and gutters and also reduce chances of a roof collapse by clearing the snow.


Potential Issues with Low and Steep Slope Roofs


Low Slope (Flat) Roofs

  • These roofs are the most technical and difficult to work on. If you simply go up and start removing the snow randomly without completely understanding its construction, you could destabilize it. This is a frequent occurrence and one you want to avoid at all costs.

Steep Slope Roofs

  • When snow melts, it travels down the roof and re-freezes when it hits a colder spot. This causes an ice dam. If these dams are not properly cleared by a professional, the path of least resistance for this melted snow run off is to enter the home through the eave, potentially causing extensive interior damage.


Let SaveARoof give you a hand


How we can help:

  • Our experts have the proper skills and insurance to get the job done properly and safely.
  • We cover exposed window wells and other structures that could be damaged in the process. Care and concern on your property is paramount!
  • SaveARoof services both residential and commercial properties.