Organic Care

Maintaining Environmental Integrity

Cultural Practices-The Foundation of Plant Health

We have always encouraged using the least intrusive systems, while balancing our client’s individual needs and preferences. On this road to greenness, make sure not to overlook the essential implementation of cultural practices. Proper pruning, watering, seeding, aeration and selecting the right plant for the right location help build a strong foundation and maintain plant health. Many conditions that affect trees, plants and turf can be remedied through cultural practices, such as pruning a diseased limb or aerating compacted soil. If the condition poses no threat to the plant, no treatment may be required.

In addition, if you have a sophisticated or complex collection of species, our proactive scouting and treatment program, Arbor Patrol®, provides regularly scheduled review of property conditions by our qualified specialists. Arbor Patrol® helps identify and treat conditions before they exacerbate. Our services are environmentally sensitive, utilizing the latest solutions and enhancements to improve plant health and longevity.

Eco-Friendly Ingredients

At SavATree we regularly evaluate new products and carefully select the ingredients used in our programs to be the most effective and eco-friendly available. Our programs combine the latest in organic, naturally derived, biological and synthetic compounds working together to promote microbial activity in the soil, improve root systems, facilitate nutrient uptake, and protect your plants from insects, mites and diseases.

When curative or preventative treatments are necessary in order to maintain optimum plant health and vitality, we prescribe the most effective and holistic solutions. These include products like:

  • Horticultural oils
  • Conserve, made from a naturally occurring bacteria in the soil—for controlling pests like winter moth and caterpillars
  • Garlic Guard, made from 100% garlic juice used to control mosquitoes
  • ArborKelp®, our natural seaweed biostimulant used to stimulate root growth and help plants deal better with stress

We also commit to never using organophosphates. Our organic program uses materials that have been reviewed by the Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI), a non-profit organization that reviews substances for use in organic production, under the auspices of the USDA National Organic Program Standards, as well as ingredients allowed by the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA), consistent with organic land care practices.

Arboricultural Expertise

Upholding high environmental standards involves intimate knowledge of complex relationships existing amongst plants, animals and people within a landscape. Our arboricultural teams are dedicated professionals, who receive continuous education, instruction and certification in the latest techniques and newest equipment used to protect the health of your trees, shrubs and turf.

State-of-the-Art Equipment and Technology

By adopting the latest techniques, ramping up technology and developing custom equipment, we are able to provide the best quality care for every landscape. Having the right tool for the right job allows us to spot treat for specific issues and make adjustments according to current landscape conditions. All the equipment we use is designed with safety, efficiency and the long term health of your trees and plants in mind. A key component to properly servicing our clients is to provide optimal timing of services, as many landscape conditions have a small window of opportunity for treatment to be effective. Making a major investment in state-of-the art centralized routing software ensures optimal timing and fuel conservation while maintaining a precise history of services performed on each property.

Resources and Commitment

It takes expanded resources to build a company based on a strong commitment to the environment. You need custom equipment, new products, testing, the latest technology and of course, highly skilled professionals. As one of the top three companies in the country, with 23 local offices, we have the resources and skill to provide our clients with custom green choices consistent with their green position.

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