David Lesage, ISA Certified Arborist

ISA Certified Arborist

Territory and Services:

David operates out of SavATree’s Mainline branch in Montgomery County, PA, providing comprehensive tree, shrub, lawn, tick and deer services to Collegeville, Royersford, Eagleville, Ambler, Blue Bell, Phoenixville, Fort Washington and Flourtown, PA. Some popular services offered by David and the team to the Blue Bell area include shrub and tree pruning and trimming, shrub, lawn and tree disease treatments, shrub, tree and lawn fertilization, organic lawn care and other organic treatment options, pest control such as mosquito and tick treatments, deer repellents such as our DeerTech program, lawn seeding and lawn aeration. If you would like to have David come out to your property to assess its health and set up a comprehensive tree, shrub and lawn care program customized to your property at no cost to you, give him a call today!

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (610) 941-7766


David has been in the green industry for 15 years, working in landscape design and installation as well as in biological pest control.


David earned his degree in Horticulture and Plant Science from Mercer County College.

Industry Involvement, Awards and Certifications:

  • ISA Certified Arborist
  • Certified Pesticide Applicator
  • Fertilizer Applicator


David enjoys the outdoors and fishing.

Why He Became An Arborist:

“I became an Arborist because I love nature and want to help enhance it wherever possible.”

Customer Service Philosophy:

“I am here to guide the customer in a direction that will suit their needs and the environment in the best possible way.”

Social Network:

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What Are David’s Clients Saying?

“Wow, David, what a team. What professionals. I don’t know if I could exactly say they made it look easy, but very straightforward. Lot of work in the 91 degree heat, but what a competent job they did taking our tree down. Needless to say, I am super glad I went with you guys.”
Dori P., Blue Bell, PA

Observations in the Field:

Beneficial Powerhouses

August 11, 2021 – As a kid growing up I thought that killing these insects were illegal punishable by a fine. Though that turned out to be quite the myth, I would understand why it would be plausible. These big guys make a large dent in plant pests populations. They are such ferocious feeders that at times they will even eat each other. And not just after mating. Keeping the praying mantis along with other beneficial insects in mind when recommending treatments for a property is another layer to our responsibility to our environment.

The “Root” of the Issue

August 2, 2021 – There are a lot of things that can adversely affect a tree. Some of them can’t even be seen without doing a little “digging.” These two trees are in the middle of a construction zone that are currently being smothered by excess soil on the roots, along with some of the roots being severed & completely exposed to the elements in the midst of a very hot summer. If nothing is done, these trees could display decline long after the hole is filled back in, with new homeowners none the wiser. With a proper dose of a growth regulator, and a bio remedy, these trees would have a fighting chance at a good recovery. Thus maintaining more shading canopies over Lower Gwynedd, PA.

Save a Tree/ Save the Bees!

August 2, 2021 – There is a growing need to support the bee population. I’m glad to work for a company that keeps that in mind when picking treatments, and materials to use. There is always a push to plant bee friendly flowers, but we should never discount the immense pollen source that a single maple tree, or pine tree contains. Keeping trees healthy and vibrant gives these little girls a massive amount of food and resources. Bee friendly!

Tiny Bug, Major Problems

July 30, 2021 – It is very difficult to spot the emerald ash borer at times, but very easy to see their damage. I was fortunate enough to show a client in Audubon,PA not only what treating his ash tree accomplished, but what the culprit looks like in the flesh (or exoskeleton in this case). Pennsylvania is still battling with this insect, but with proper injections, and fertilizing, this clients ash trees are well taken care of. The neighbor on the right, not so much…

A Case for Systemic Tree Care

Collegeville, PA Tree Service

Certified Arborist in Eagleville, PA

September 23, 2019 – In southeastern Pennsylvania, we are getting inundated with spotted lanternfly and, because it is a relatively new issue, control measures are as vast as the trees they attack. Some use sticky traps, while others resort to spraying the trees. Though both have some level of control, I am finding that the collateral damage is way more costly than it needs to be. Included are photos of beneficial insects that I found among the lanternfly carnage. This has pushed me further into recommending systemic products over sprays and sticky traps, even going as far as finding small birds stuck to the traps. Though the treatment has to depend on the tree, I will always gravitate to a product that won’t involve this kind of collateral damage. For knowledgeable and professional tree care advice, contact your local SavATree arborist today!

A Common Pest on an Uncommon Tree

bagworm infestation pa

June 19, 2019 – Certain insects adapt their appearance to make it difficult for predators to find them. Bagworm cacoons, as an example, mimic small evergreen cones to blend in. This bagworm infestation at a shopping center in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania is very bizarre due to the fact that it is on a crapapple tree. With a couple of insect treatments this season, the trees will have proper control over the bagworm, but the damage for this season is already done. Contact your local SavATree arborist and protect your trees from infestations like this!

Don’t Strangle Your Trees!

tree care norristown pa

norristown pa certified arborist

June 6, 2019 – A lot of times, we get wrapped up in all of the potential pests that can affect our trees that sometimes the simplest solution ends up staring us right in the face. This Cedar in Norristown, PA seemingly browned out overnight. However, after closer observation, I discovered that it had been getting strangled long-term by a metal cage around a part of the trunk. Unfortunately, it was a little too late for this tree, but the neighboring tree, which had a similar metal cage around it still has hope! Always contact a certified arborist from SavATree before performing any tree work.  

Sawfly Spotting in Fort Washington, PA

Fort Washington PA Tree Care

May 28, 2019 – Be careful or you might miss it! Evolution always amazes me. These little worms that feed on pines have adapted their color to match the needles they feed on. Worse yet, they straighten up when anything walks or flies by to mimic the needles they are on. Though they resemble caterpillars, they are actually the larvae of flies, and are easily treated systemically. However, in this case, the damage has been done, but will recover with treatment and feeding.

Girdling Roots in Ambler, PA

Ambler PA Tree Service

May 28, 2019 – It always amazes me how the most innocuous things can cause so much damage. I was called out for a zelkova that had die back in the canopy. The client was convinced it was diseased, only to find that the tree’s own root system was strangling the trunk. A root zone excavation with our air space, and a bioremedy later and this tree is on it’s way to recovery. I would say the majority of a tree’s issues can be resolved if we look down and get to the “root” of the problem.

Emerald Ash Borer Treatments

tree service blue bell pa

August 15, 2018 – It is always challenging to convince a person into treating a tree in an effort to save it when there are so many trees around it beginning to die. I have numerous clients that are taking the route of treating their ash trees for Emerald Ash Borer infestations. One of the more frequently asked questions I get is “what if my neighbor does nothing to their trees?” The photo below was taken in Blue Bell, PA. It shows an ash tree that we began treating when I found EAB on the neighbor’s trees. We applied a trunk injection treatment last year and you can see how well the tree is doing in comparison to the neighbor’s tree, which may not leaf out next year. This is a true testament to the viability of the treatment being used.

Lantern Fly

fort washington pa tree care

June 15, 2018 – In the northern end of Montgomery County, PA, we have spotted lantern fly becoming a major issue for a wide variety of trees. These insects affect an array of trees including fruit trees, ornamental flowering trees, as well as large oak, maple and ash trees. Because of the array of trees they attack, the treatment methods must also range. The younger instars (black with white spots) on ornamental trees are easily controlled with horticultural oil treatments, whereas the older insects on fruit trees need to be controlled in a different way to allow the fruit to be consumed. Larger trees require a material that the tree absorbs systemically to control feeding in the parts of the canopy that can’t be reached with foliar applications. This is an example of what makes this work interesting. Some tree problems require a different solution even if it is being affected by the same pest.

Checking for Ticks

tick treatment blue bell pa

June 15, 2018 – My kids and I spend a lot of time outdoors hiking in the woods. I try to be as vigilant as I can looking for ticks on them afterwards. Having personally dealt with Lyme disease when I was younger, it is important to stay on top of this. It becomes a bit daunting when you consider the size of the tick that causes the problem. The photo of the tick in question gives you an idea of the scale, as well as the chore, that comes with trying to find them. This was found in Valley Forge National Park, but frankly could be “Anywhere,” PA as cases of Lyme disease are being reported in every county in our state. Good to know SavATree has an organic method of controlling these things that is the most effective I have seen.

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