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Protect your Plants from Winter Injury

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — BEDFORD HILLS, NY—October 26, 2015 – A serious threat to plants during winter is water loss. Unable to obtain moisture from the frozen ground, broadleaved evergreen plants must rely on stored moisture to protect against harsh winter winds and sun. Once their supply is depleted, these trees and shrubs are extremely susceptible to the elements.

SavATree recommends an antidesiccant treatment to protect evergreen trees and shrubs from winter damage. Our natural polymer antidesiccant creates a thin barrier over the leaf’s pores, locking in moisture. In addition to reducing water loss, it contains a sunscreen to minimize browning of foliage. The liquid’s clear finish will not detract from the beauty of your landscape. This treatment is particularly beneficial for newly transplanted trees and shrubs as it helps them conserve water as their root systems become established.

This winter, the risk is even greater from central New Jersey up through Boston. In that region, the drought that began during the summer continued through the fall. Even though these areas did receive some rainfall, they remain abnormally dry or in moderate drought. This is critical because evergreen trees and shrubs (especially broad-leaved evergreens such as azaleas, rhododendrons, barberries, boxwoods and hollies) store the water now that they will use throughout the winter. Plants that go into the winter without adequate water storage will sustain significant damage from the elements. For this reason, Patrick Parker, Director of Plant Health Care at SavATree expects “severe damage this winter to plants that are not protected.”

Now is the time to schedule your antidesiccant treatment. Don’t delay as application must occur before temperatures drop.

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