Giving Back to Help Children in Need

SavATree and Save the Children

Daniel Van Starrenberg There has always been an undeniable bond between children and trees. As kids, we take advantage of everything trees have to offer. We climb on their branches, sit under them for shade, swing from their bows, build forts in them and carve our initials in their bark. We’re connected. I can’t think of a better way to acknowledge that connection than to announce that SavATree has selected Save the Children as a primary recipient of our charitable giving for 2012.

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Based in Westport, CT Save the Children has,for 90 years, been dedicated to bettering the lives of impoverished, marginalized and vulnerable children and families here in the United States, and all over the world. They work tirelessly to provide children with nutritious food, access to a quality education, vaccinations against common diseases and a host of other services to give them the best chance at leading long, healthy, productive lives.

At a time when tens of millions of children all over the world are growing up without access to these services that are so readily available to many of us, it seems more important than ever to contribute to organizations like Save the Children.

SavATree has a long history of involvement with many local and national charitable organizations whom we’ve worked with and contributed to for years. While we will continue to participate in various local marketing partnerships with these organizations, we have decided to ramp up our charitable giving with Save the Children in order to make the greatest possible impact.

At SavATree, we’re in the business of keeping landscapes healthy and happy, giving them the best chance for sustained growth. It seems only natural that a portion of our proceeds be invested in helping children of the world do the same. By contributing to Save the Children, we embark on what is to be an exciting journey that will help kids around the world to lead better, healthier lives. A noble cause to be sure.


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