Company Update

Matt Wiebel and Mike Galvin

Consulting Group Update

We are delighted to share that the Consulting group at SavATree recently completed a tree protection assignment at the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, DC for Walsh Construction Company, Inc. They also oversaw tree protection during reconstruction of a stone walkway at historic Trinity Church Cemetery in Manhattan, NY and provided expert witness services at a trial for State Farm Insurance. The Consulting group also advised on tree management during construction in New Haven, CT on the $14,800,000 Yale Campus Trumbull Street Area Sewer Separation – Phase 1A project.

Autumn-SavATree: One Year Update

Matt Dziedzic and Daniel Van Starrenberg

Over a year has passed since SavATree expanded into the Chicagoland market by merging with Autumn Tree. At such a moment, the most important sentiment we can share is our gratitude. The people of the Chicagoland region have a reputation for their tremendous respect for the role that trees play in the landscape. Time and again, our friends and clients in Chicagoland have proved that reputation to be accurate. To our clients in Chicagoland, thank you for continuing to place your trust in the expertise offered by Autumn Tree and SavATree. While you have likely noticed a few changes over the past year, rest assured that our utmost focus remains on providing the same uncompromising quality and service that you expect. It is an honor to work with you to maintain and preserve your trees, shrubs, and turf.

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