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Fall/Winter 2011-2012


Tips from the Top – Investing in Trees

How some communities are investing in their urban canopy and reaping the rewards. Read more…

Winterproof Your Landscape

When the winter of 2010 finally ended and the snow thawed out, it was time to assess the damage to our landscapes and start the cleanup process. Branches and trees toppled by snow and ice, foliage destroyed by extreme temperatures and hungry wildlife, plantings killed by salt and deicing agents were just a few of the issues we faced. Read more…

Pest Alert: Emerald Ash Borer

The next time you walk through your neighborhood, take note of the ash trees (Fraxinus spp.) you see. They are popular shade trees that comprise approximately 20% of our urban forest. Now consider this: due to the arrival of the emerald ash borer, a destructive invasive insect originating from Asia, each of the ash trees you noticed is in danger. Read more…

My Favorite…

Three prominent landscape architects discuss their favorite trees, shrubs and groundcovers Read more…

Trees As Art: The Amazing Tree Sculptures of Joseph Wheelwright

In the early 1980’s, artist Joseph Wheelwright was on a nature walk when he spotted a stick with a series of small branches high in the canopy of a maple tree that bore a striking resemblance to a runner. He was struck by the way a static object could create such a powerful sense of motion and energy. After some minor alterations that included removing some bark to highlight the texture of the branches, the Running Stick became the first in what would become a long line of tree sculptures created by Mr. Wheelwright. Read more…

Creepy. Crawly. Healthy. Delicious?

Caramel glazed crickets anyone? How about some mealworm French fries or banana worm bread? While most will probably cringe at the sound of those dishes, there is a rapidly growing population who are seeing insects in a different light and cashing in on some substantial health benefits. Read more…

Company News

The SavATree Consulting group has been busy in 2011. Joining The Consulting group full time was Matt Weibel, former Arbor Patrol Specialist in Wyckoff, New Jersey. Matt will assist the company in its efforts to continue growing this important division. Also joining the Consulting group as its new Director is Mike galvin..

Fun Page: Famous Trees!

Match famous trees with their correct location Read more…

Tree Hugger Corner

Fun facts about trees

Nature Tech

A closer look at the latest tree-centric apps & technology

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