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Following are some timely tips for spring lawn care, tree care and garden care.

  • Spring Lawn Care Tips: What are the top four steps you can take this spring to ensure your lawn is lush and healthy straight through fall? Find out here.
  • Spring Shrub Care Tips: Springtime is shrub shaping time! While trimming shrubs is an ongoing lawn care need throughout spring summer and fall, spring is the time to prune. Find out more about this and other spring shrub care needs here.
  • Spring Apple Tree Care Tips: Spring is a time of beautiful blooms, and apple trees are no exception. It’s said there’s a time and a place for everything, so here you can learn more about the best time and place to plant an apple tree that will bring years of enjoyment to come. For existing apple trees, spring is an important time for apple tree care. Learn more here about the steps you should take this spring to keep your apple tree healthy.
  • Spring Dogwood Tree Care Tips: The flowering dogwood tree is a favorite ornamental among homeowners because of its large and beautiful springtime blooms. But beauty is more than skin – or bark – deep, so learn more here about spring care tips to keep your dogwood as healthy all year as it is beautiful in the spring.
  • Spring Tips for Preventing and Treating Tree Diseases: Spring is often a time when trees can develop diseases and tree blight. Learn more here about what to look for and how a certified arborist can help prevent or treat tree care disease this spring.

Stumped? SavATree can help!

Maintaining your landscape can be very rewarding, but finding reliable and easy to understand information on the topic can be frustrating.

Are you looking for lawn care tips, tree trimming tips or advice on the best organic lawn fertilizer? Not sure if your trees need pruning? What’s the best approach for spring lawn care, or the best steps to take in the fall to prepare for spring blooms? How can you grow beautiful plants in the winter? What’s the right type of grass for your landscape? How can you tell if your trees or lawn are diseased?

Our expert arborists have compiled helpful tree and lawn care tips and articles – we even developed a comprehensive tree and lawn care calendar so you know what do to and when to do it. The Care Calendar, developed by our certified arborists, is intended to provide a month-by-month guide to landscaping. It’s filled with tips that will help you care for, cultivate and beautify your trees, lawn and garden.


For additional tree care and lawn care information, please click or call today to arrange a complimentary consultation with an arborist or one of our fully trained lawn care experts.

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