Aphids and whiteflies can be detrimental to trees in Northern California.   

5382194 spirea aphid Aphis spiraecola photo by Whitney Cranshaw

Aphids can cause damage to various species of trees, shrubs, and plants. Few cause severe injury, but they are a well-known nuisance as swarms of insects are attracted to feed on the honeydew aphids produce. Signs of infestation include large ant populations on branches and leaves, stunted and curled leaf growth, and the presence of honeydew.  

Whiteflies are tiny-winged insects that target trees and hedges and belong to the same family as aphids. Using needle-like mouthparts they feed on the underside of leaves, sucking out necessary juices, which leads to wilting, yellowing, leaf drop, stunted growth, and sometimes death. A tree with noticeable missing leaves is often a sign of infestation. Species commonly attacked by whiteflies include citrus, live oak, ash, ficus, crape myrtle, and rose bushes.   

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