Give Trees, Palms, and Shrubs a Boost

Spring is prime time for enhancing the health of trees and shrubs.

A healthy soil environment is key to fortifying their defenses and promoting robust growth. For palm trees, SavATree recommends a quarterly nutrient program to ensure optimal health.

Look for signs like off-color leaves, dieback, stunted growth, premature leaf loss, or sparse foliage, indicating your trees and shrubs may need a boost.

SavATree offers premium solutions to improve soil health:

ArborKelp®, an organic biostimulant that boosts growth, improves soil structure, and enhances microbial activity for optimal nutrient absorption, perfect for the blackout seasons in Florida counties where fertilizer application is restricted.

ArborHealth®, an exclusive slow-release fertilizer that provides micro and macro nutrients and sea kelp to correct nutritional deficiencies and increase the plant’s growth and vigor.

Organic Soil Enhancer, a treatment that incorporates liquid organic matter to rebuild soil’s organic profile, enhancing texture, drainage, and fostering beneficial soil microorganisms.

Combine ArborKelp® and Organic Soil Enhancer to stimulate root growth, improve stress tolerance, and enhance overall tree and shrub health. Proper soil management fosters organic matter and beneficial microbial activity.

Contact us today to learn how SavATree can help.

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