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Forest Bathing – Nature’s Influence on Our Mental and Physical Well-Being

Over the last few years, our society has experienced unexpected circumstances that have significantly impacted our mental and physical well-being. From global health epidemics, natural catastrophes, financial strains, and political discourse, our daily stressors have become immeasurable and, at times, difficult to manage.

Announcing our new office in Sarasota, Florida!

We’ve opened a new office for our growing client base in Sarasota.

Palm Pruning

For many, the palm trees of Florida symbolize vacation, warm climates and fun. What visitors to our state don’t always see is the constant care required to keep our palms beautiful.

Nutrition is crucial to palm tree health

From extreme weather to destructive pests and diseases, Florida’s iconic palm trees are fighting for their health every day. Now there’s a new problem to contend with: malnutrition.

Landscape Care Calendar

View monthly tips to provide proper care for your landscape.

Ganoderma in palm trees

Have you noticed wilting, discoloration of leaves or overall decline of your palm trees?

Company Update

SavATree welcomes seven great teams to our community of local experts.