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Forest Bathing – Nature’s Influence on Our Mental and Physical Well-Being

Over the last few years, our society has experienced unexpected circumstances that have significantly impacted our mental and physical well-being. From global health epidemics, natural catastrophes, financial strains, and political discourse, our daily stressors have become immeasurable and, at times, difficult to manage.

Impacts of extreme weather in California

Over time, the lack of rainfall has significantly impacted California trees by weakening their root systems and leaving them susceptible to pests and diseases. Though January’s sudden period of heavy rainfall provided some drought relief, a new set of problems has come to the surface – and the original drought concerns haven’t fully gone away.

Commercial Arborist Profile

As a Commercial Sales Arborist, Steve is tasked with managing a wide variety of needs on incredibly diverse landscapes ranging from apartment complexes and commercial buildings to golf courses and public parks.

Impacts of root diseases on trees

Root diseases in trees can be elusive as they conceal themselves deep within the soil. Additionally, there are usually no early symptoms that a tree is infected with a pathogen until the damage is severe.

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This Pest is an Indicator of Distress in Trees

Stressed trees are at heightened risk of a red turpentine beetle infestation.

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