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Forest Bathing – Nature’s Influence on Our Mental and Physical Well-Being

Over the last few years, our society has experienced unexpected circumstances that have significantly impacted our mental and physical well-being. From global health epidemics, natural catastrophes, financial strains, and political discourse, our daily stressors have become immeasurable and, at times, difficult to manage.

Drought’s cumulative impact on lawns

As we’ve recently come out of a particularly dry period, the effects of drought on susceptible landscapes may become more apparent in the coming months.

Residential Arborist Profile

For our arborists, it’s not just about doing the work on your property – it really is about caring for what you love. John feels a shared responsibility and ownership to protect, care for and beautify his clients’ outdoor sanctuaries where kids can play, and homeowners can relax and enjoy.

Sooty Canker – A leading cause of tree dieback in Arizona

A fungus called sooty canker, also called branch wilt or limb wilt, is a disease that affects a variety of trees in the Arizona region. Trees that are especially susceptible are typically stressed or damaged.

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Protect your trees from borers

Boring insects tunnel into trees destroying vital water and sap conducting tissue, often leading to tree failure. While trees in poor health and distress are more vulnerable to infestations, any tree can be at risk of invasive pests.

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SavATree welcomes seven great teams to our community of local experts.