Tips From The Top
by Carmine Schiavone, CEO


SavATree has three core values that it works daily to deliver – the first is ensuring all team members are completely engaged, increasing their technical knowledge and creating an incredibly positive workplace to call home. The second core value is perfecting the customer experience and making sure that we deliver on the promises we make, and the third core value is operating sustainably, protecting the environment, and leveraging continuous improvement tools to improve the organization. Within our third core value of sustainability, we use Lean Sigma methods to improve how we operate by reducing variation, maximizing efficiency, and driving industry leading innovative solutions.    

Lean Sigma methodology is rooted in taking the feedback of customers and employees and using those insights to define, measure, analyze, improve and control the processes that we deploy in caring for the great outdoors. Using Lean Sigma methodology begins with you – our customers – where we take your daily feedback and work that into the processes and technology that underpins our business. Your opinions matter and we are constantly listening and using your feedback to improve what we do.

Ultimately, it is all about the results we deliver. SavATree’s continuous improvement culture benefits you by challenging our leaders to elevate the way we operate. You will experience the benefits of our dedication to process improvement in action through efficient scheduling, route optimization, and delivering our services at the optimal time for the best results possible. We are committed to always improving your satisfaction and keeping our work standards as high as the trees we work in. We ask that you stay vocal with us as we continue to care for what you love!



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