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Mulching is one of the very best things you can do for your landscape. Mulch benefits all types of plants, from flowers and vegetables to trees and shrubs. Properly mulched gardens are healthier, have fewer weeds, and are more drought-resistant, so they require less watering, weeding and pest control.

mulch in hands

The Mulch Center, with five locations throughout Chicagoland, is a reliable source for quality mulch, compost, top soil, sand and gravels. They offer numerous colors and styles of mulch for pick up or convenient delivery. The Mulch Center’s products are made from indigenous trees, rather than from construction debris or pallets. Not only does organic mulch give your landscape a well-groomed appearance, it offers the added benefit of enriching and improving the soil as it decomposes.

For detailed information about why, where and how to mulch, visit There you will find a handy calculator that estimates the number of cubic yards needed for your project and you can also obtain a free quote. Give your garden the gift of mulch.

Call the Mulch Center today at 847.459.7200.

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