Oregon & Washington Landscape Care Calendar



  •  Treat for Pear trellis rust and anthracnose if not done already
  •  Protect trees and shrubs from aphids and other insects that product sticky honeydew all season long
  •  Protect birch trees from bronze birch borer with systemic tree treatment
  •  Feed acid loving plants like azalea and rhododendron now
  •  Treat lawns to prevent or reduce moss and cranefly
  •  Treat soil to adjust soil pH if needed


  • Treat susceptible conifers to protect them from beetles
  • Start organic pest control programs on fruit trees
  • Fertilize roses and perennials
  • Perform spring tree fertilization now
  • Use pollinator friendly approach to aphid prevention now



  •  Add mulch to landscape beds to reduce water loss and keep roots cooler
  •  Control slugs and snails
  •  Treat maples, dogwoods and other trees for powdery mildew
  •  Prune spring flowering shrubs after they finish blooming
  •  Adjust irrigation system as temperatures start to warm



  •  Maintain organic pest control program on citrus and fruit trees
  •  Thin fruit trees to reduce excessive fruit production
  •  Make a plan to summer prune trees
  •  Allow lawns to grow taller between cuttings to shade roots and reduce water loss.



  • Treat plants stressed by summer heat with ArborKelp
  • Water lawns deeply and infrequently
  • Review site with your SavATree arborist to make a pruning plan



  • Feed fruit trees the last round of organic fertilizer this month
  • Make sure trees are not stressed from lack of water
  • Protect shrubs and trees from summer pests with organic based treatments
  • Schedule a fall aeration

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