Fire Mitigation

2021 was a particularly devastating year in regards to wildfire activity. Unfortunately, we can’t stop wildfires altogether, but we can help prevent them from destroying your property. We’ve compiled some tips to help keep your property and home safe.

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Fire Mitigation Tips:

  • Manage deadfall and overgrown brush, as dead trees and tree parts can be fuel
  • Remove all leaves, needles and other debris from decks, roofs, and gutters. Remove all pine needles and other flammable debris from a 5-foot radius of the home foundation.
  • Mow grass and weeds to a height of 4 inches or less
  • Do not place firewood in the landscape, underneath or on any decks. If possible, store all firewood at least 30 feet from the home.

It’s a good idea to learn about the history of wildfire activity in your area and stay informed. Always be mindful of recent weather patterns, as long periods without rain increases the risk of wildfires. The goal of fire mitigation is to improve the health of your property, help facilitate a disease-free environment and improve the safety of your home.

Call a SavATree expert arborist to come assess your property and create a Fire Mitigation Plan for peace of mind.


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