Tips From The Top
by Carmine Schiavone, CEO

“Work here, thrive here” – a few words that hold so much weight for our highly engaged, skilled employees.

We know that workforce development is the key to servicing our customers’ needs to the highest level of client satisfaction. SavATree’s first priority is ensuring maximum employee engagement through investing in career development and safety. By putting our employees first, we create high quality customer experiences and outcomes, which is our goal for every service we deliver. 

A recent award from Middle Market Growth Magazine recognized our significant job creation and retention performance during the COVID-19 global pandemic. SavATree has been able to continue to hire great team members by lowering barriers to entry into our organization. We achieve this through investing in robust training programs that allow new team members to acquire green industry advanced technical skills over time. SavATree benefited from job seekers who wanted to change their profession, leaving industries that were negatively impacted by COVID to transition into those that were more resilient, like ours. Forget the corporate ladder, it’s much more fun to climb a tree!

Providing exciting career paths and continued technical and safety training for all of our new recruits and seasoned veterans makes a big difference in our success. Employees want to be recognized and rewarded for their arboriculture and horticulture knowledge and that is exactly what we do at SavATree. We are committed to attracting, engaging, developing and retaining top talent by advancing team members through beginner, intermediate, and advanced training courses while rewarding them for their successes. SavATree’s employee retention rates are nearly 50% better than the industry as a whole and that allows us to provide great outcomes for the landscapes we serve.

 As we continue to grow, we are determined to stay true to our colors, which of course are shades of green. We will continue to implement changes that reduce the carbon footprint of our operations, give back to the communities we serve, be ethical stewards of the environment, and pursue our passion for caring for what you love – the great outdoors. I hope you have the opportunity to see the dedication, passion, and skills that our team members bring to work every day.   



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