Introducing our Annual Ornamental Pruning Program


Everyone can agree that professionally planned and installed landscapes are beautiful–the trick, however, is keeping them that way. Without regular care performed by people who understand the original goal, the aesthetics can decline rapidly.

That’s where our new ornamental pruning services comes in. This annual service puts your trees and shrubs on a schedule, so that they always get the right care at the right time. We’ll examine the health of your plants and hand-prune each one with a careful eye toward your goals for your landscape’s future and the plans you’ve already put into action.

The SavATree ornamental pruning services:

• Match the intended design of your landscape architects/designers

• Are timed based on the growth patterns of your plants and your goals for your property

• Identify insect or disease problems before they become an issue

• Reduce the need to replace plants or redesign gardens

• Can be scheduled indefinitely, so that your plants get expert care on their schedule


If your trees and shrubs no longer look the way you expected, get in touch!

One of our trained arboristss can help develop a customized pruning schedule that match the needs of your landscape.

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