My Favorite

My Favorite Tree

Cascalote Tree
Caesalpinia cacalaco

A medium size at height of 20’ with canopy of 15’ wide, this tree is great as a focal point and offers the benefit of remaining evergreen with dark green round leaves and a show of bright yellow flowers in the fall-winter months when many plants are dormant. The thorns are something to be aware of but there is a non-thorn variety available, Cascalote Smoothie. Trim as a vase shape multi-trunk tree, combine with an understory of colorful interesting accents, and your garden will be beautifully charmed year-round by its presence.

Janet L. Waibel, RLA and creator of Urban Landscape SustainabilityTM education curriculum

Waibel & Associates Landscape Architecture, Tempe, AZ

(480) 893-3849 •

My Favorite Shrub

Solanum Bush
Solanum laxum

My favorite shrub is a Solanum Bush. Often grown as a patio tree, it is versatile and can be used as a small to large shrub, even as an espalier. Unfortunately, Solanums went out of style in the 80’s with tube tops and leisure suits! Known by the common name “Potato Bush,” they come in purple or white and are nonstop bloomers. Once established they are very hardy and if they freeze, they grow back quickly. They love water and fertilizer and do best with afternoon shade. As a gardener specializing in plant care, we love how easy they are to care for.

David Jernigan, Owner

The Gardener’s Touch, Phoenix, AZ

(602) 750-0574 •

My Favorite Ground Cover

Creeping Germander
Teucrium chamaedrys ‘Prostratum’

We love to use Creeping Germander because it’s so versatile! You can plant it almost anywhere and have great success. It will work in most any soil type, can be planted in full sun or shade, is frost-resistant, drought-resistant, low-litter, thorn free, hypoallergenic, and pest-resistant! Best of all is that it only grows 1’ x 2’, so it doesn’t require much maintenance, if any. Creeping Germander has glossy dark leaves year-round and will add a subtle pink/purple color when it blooms twice a year in the winter and spring.

Robbie Goodroad, Owner

Goodroad Landscaping Inc., Cave Creek, AZ

(480) 488-4524 •

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