Landscape Calendar – AZ


• Treat for agave snout weevil and caterpillars on tecomas

• Fertilize flowering trees and queen palms

• Watch for fireblight on pears


• Finalize your plant health care programs

• Prune most evergreen trees and shrubs

• Last chance to prune citrus, ficus, and other sun-sensitive trees

• Keep insects outside where they belong with HomeShield Pest Control™ program

• Spray olive trees


• Adjust your irrigation timer

• Increase duration, not just frequency, of tree watering cycles

• Spray olive trees

• Fertilize and mulch trees


• Prune to help prevent damage in monsoon winds, especially eucalyptus and mesquite trees

• Trim date palms after May 15th

• 2nd application of citrus fertilizer


• Watch closely for signs of pests and diseases—schedule treatments as needed

• Adjust or install staking on young trees

• Plant and transplant palm trees in summer heat

• Prune queen palms after June 1st and Mexican fan palms after June 15th


• Prune California fan palms after July 15th

• Treat plants stressed by summer heat with ArborKelp®


• 3rd application of citrus fertilizer

• Treat for cotton root rot


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