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Fall/Winter 2020 – Residential


Tips From The Top

One of SavATree’s top core values is to uphold an environmentally sensible approach to tree, shrub and lawn care while simultaneously serving our clients and protecting our planet.

Daniel Van Starrenburg

Trillion Trees

Trees play an important role in our lives. They are vital to our livelihood and our environment.

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Going organic has never been easier!

Organic treatments are designed to maintain, energize and fortify your property’s natural ecosystem. Organic programs improve soil health and encourage stronger root growth by stimulating the soil food web.

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My Favorites

Landscaping experts discuss their favorite fall tree, shrub and ground cover. The Trembling Aspen, Butterfly Bush and Bugleweed could be a great addition to your autumn landscape!

SavATree - Tree Service & Lawn Care

The Road to Becoming an Industrial Athlete

Growing up, Ryan Torcicollo was fascinated by nature. Now, he’s made a career out of doing what he loves.

The best defense against severe conditions? Preventive care.

Winter can be tough on trees and shrubs. Proactive care can help combat damage caused by winter’s harsh conditions and temperature extremes.

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Landscape Care Calendar

View monthly tips to provide proper care for your landscape.

Company Update

SavATree has had five great teams join our community of local experts.

Outsmart Hungry Deer

Deer can be extremely destructive to trees, shrubs and lawns, especially this time of year. Luckily, SavATree offers safe and effective methods for keeping deer away from your property.

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