Tips From The Top
by Daniel van Starrenburg, President

SavATree CEO

Daniel van Starrenburg

Executive Chairman

SavATree Cares for Your Community

When your SavATree arborist is out scouting your property and assessing the health of your trees, shrubs, and lawn, it’s easy to assume that his or her impact ends at your property line.

You might be intrigued to learn that SavATree cares for so much more of your world than you realize. Across the country at each of our branches, we’re working at local community and commercial spaces to protect and improve the trees and greenery throughout your neighborhood.

That means that you can find us pruning at your place of business, keeping trees healthy at your
children’s schools and campuses, and caring for your HOA’s lawns.

Even on your days off, you’re likely to encounter a property cared for by SavATree. At public parks, golf courses, botanical gardens, and even zoos, our teams are keeping trees safe and thriving, shrubs pruned, and lawns lush and green.

We take our role in the stewardship of these places—and thus our place in your life—very seriously. Never have green spaces been more important for the health of a community.

Studies have shown that visual exposure to trees, flowers, and nature in general is
effective at reducing stress and relieving mental fatigue. Buildings with views of well-maintained green spaces, meanwhile, are linked to higher productivity and job satisfaction in workers and faster healing in hospital patients. Children with ADHD have even shown fewer symptoms when they have access to nature.

Greenery and well-cared for properties also have a significant impact on the livelihood of urban areas. Studies have linked green infrastructure projects to a decrease in vandalism and stronger feelings of safety and community, as well as increased property values and retail activity.

When we’re caring for a property, we do so with all of this in mind.

Our job is to enhance more than just appearances. It’s to enhance the well-being of the community as a whole. That’s why we take such care to honor our commitment to the least intrusive, most environmentally sensible solutions—we’re stewards for something larger than the trees, shrubs, and lawns of individual properties.

You can find SavATree where you live, work, play, shop, and relax. No matter how large we grow, our priority will always be the impact we can have on your outdoor space and your neighborhood. We’re honored to be able to play such a large role in your local community, and to be able to preserve and pass on such valuable spaces for future generations.




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