2019 Landscape Calendar – Midwest


• Finalize your lawn care and plant health care programs
• Prune ornamental and fruit trees before new growth
• Cut back ornamental grasses so new shoots can emerge
• Prune rose bushes
• Schedule Zimmerman pine moth treatments for Austrian and Scots pines.


• Apply spring/summer deer repellents
• Evaluate ornamental trees and shrubs for winter damage
• Treat susceptible oak trees to protect them from two-lined chestnut borers
• Schedule spring tree fertilization
• Complete shade tree and feature tree pruning
• Complete first lawn fertilization with crabgrass pre-emergent
• Consider early spring tick treatments, goose repellent treatments or protection from emerald ash borer


• Schedule a wetting agent application for summer
• Begin preventive disease treatments


• Watch closely for signs of pests and diseases – schedule treatments as needed
• Schedule a storm damage risk audit with your arborist


• Perform hand pruning of spring flowering shrubs
• Treat plants stressed by summer heat with ArborKelp®
• Water lawns deeply and infrequently
• Prune hedges/non-flowering shrubs


• Keep fruit trees nourished and watered during the summer months
• Schedule a fall aeration


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