Fall 2019 Landscape Calendar – Colorado

beautiful Colorado landscape


  • Fortify your lawn with a Revive application
  • Plant new evergreen trees and shrubs
  • Nourish your trees and shrubs with a deep root fertilization
  • Treat trees and shrubs for late season insects and mites
  • Arrange a storm damage prevention audit
  • Continue to water trees and shrubs suffering from summer stress


  • Set up your Recharge winter watering program
  • Mulch beds of broadleaved evergreens (boxwood, privet, etc.)
  • Begin regular treatments for mites and voles


  • Prune, cable and brace trees to help reduce the risk of storm damage
  • Protect susceptible evergreen plants from winter injury with antidesiccant
  • Review and confirm your plant health care and lawn programs for the coming year


  • Take down dead or hazardous trees


  • Take advantage of frozen ground to prune accessible trees
  • Prune fruit trees to enhance fruit production
  • Perform maintenance pruning of shade trees and ornamentals
  • Grind stumps
  • Schedule inspection of your tree cables and lightning protection systems


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