Fall 2019 Landscape Calendar – Arizona

beautiful AZ landscape


  • Fertilize trees, including queen palm and citrus
  • Treat trees and shrubs for late season insect and mite pests
  • Continue to water trees and shrubs


  • Consider ArborKelp treatments for trees and shrub suffering from stress
  • Prune ficus trees
  • Mulch beds of trees and shrubs to insulate roots and preserve moisture


  •  Prune deciduous trees such as elm, ash, mulberry, pecan, and stone fruits
  • Wrap frost-sensitive trees and shrubs if low temperatures are predicted
  • Review and confirm your plant health care and lawn programs for the coming year


  •  Take down dead or hazardous trees
  • Perform maintenance pruning of shrubs


  •  Treat olives for fruit prevention
  • Treat tecomas for caterpillars
  • Prune citrus fruit trees to enhance fruit production
  • Schedule inspection of your tree cables and lightning protection systems
  • Make plans for your first citrus fertilization of the year


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