Organic Lawn Care

We can help you decide which lawn care program is right for you.

In today’s environmentally conscious society, homeowners and property managers are cognizant of what is being applied to their lawns during the growing season.

More than ever before, people are opting for natural and organic solutions for a healthier environment in the long term. That is why SavATree offers an organic lawn care program that uses naturally derived materials. This cutting edge program helps generate a lush, green lawn in the most environmentally responsible way.

SavATree’s organic lawn care products help cultivate a proper soil environment for your grass by incorporating only organically balanced nutrients and minerals in a slow-release formula.

With a comprehensive approach, our program helps increase your lawn’s natural resistance to weeds, pests and diseases by introducing microbial activity and organic components back into the soil.

Our organically formulated, slow-release fertilizer enhances turf vigor and encourages root growth, while reducing excessive shoot growth – preparing your lawn for the stress of the summer and the dormancy of the fall.


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