Timely Tips Fall 2018

Timely Tips for Urban Environments Fall and Winter


Daniel Van Starrenburg

Tips from the Top

Daniel Van Starrenburg, SavATree’s CEO traveled to California and had the pleasure of experiencing the beauty of the Great Basin Bristlecone Pine tree. Learn about the knowledge he has on one of the world’s oldest trees.



tree art

The Art of Tree Shaping

Full Grown is the only company in the world whose artisans use living trees as art forms! Take some time to find out more about these unique and intriguing sculptures and structures.



urban trees

Urban Trees Help You Breathe Easy

Trees in cities can give you more benefits than you even realize. On top of improving air quality, they also have several other health benefits. Learn more right now!




urban trees

My Favorites

tree and lawn care professionals share their favorite tree, shrub and ground cover for sprucing up their Autumn landscape!

How to Prevent Storm Damage

Preventing your property and trees from getting damaged after a bad fall or winter storm just takes a little extra care and attention. Find out how to keep your property intact and your family safe with these tips put together by SavATree tree service experts!


Protect Your Plants During the Winter Season

Anti-desiccant is a tree saving service provided by our wonderful tree and lawn care experts here at SavATree! Find out how we can help you keep your plants healthy throughout the coldest time of the year.



404-cut-tree handshake photo

Company Update – Our Tribe is Growing!

SavATree welcomes two brand new additions to our team. The first addition is Brooks and Barber Tree Management, a fold-in to our Bucks County, PA branch. They have similar values and services to SavATree and we are happy to now care for their clients! The second is 404-Cut-Tree in Norcross, GA, which is now an official SavATree branch location! They will now be providing clients in the Atlanta, GA area with Plant Health Care and Lawn Care services in addition to take-downs and pruning.

Arborist Profile: Redmond Tsao

Redmond Tsao works out of our Bedford Hills, NY branch in Westchester County. Learn more about his love for arboriculture!


Grow Beautiful Trees in Your Urban Space

SavATree’s growth regulators help to keep your urban garden or smaller space under control while still being able to enjoy the lush greenery. Find out how you can keep your small space looking beautiful!




Fall 2018 and Winter 2019 Landscape Calendar

SavATree’s urban environmental experts have put together this landscape calendar to help you keep your urban property healthy and thriving all fall and winter long!